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Hot chick, cool 3d transitions
BIOM shoe project by ecco. Designed by sinnerschrader.
Original design and presentation from the Netherlands. Visually inspiring!
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Iris is a freelance illustrator, stylist & designer from Germany. Check out her portfolio!
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Software review
After testing this revolutionary plugin, we can confirm that the company's mission to develop the best Photoshop plugin on this planet has succeeded! A real discovery for everybody working with digital imaging...
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Category: Know-How
This article compares positives and negatives of the most popular and some interesting microstock websites.
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New spin of the spiral
Design trends are constantly changing. After the vivid mix of different styles of the internet boom we have experienced a common trend to cleanliness and minimalism. What comes next?

Pretty trendy vector stuff
'Is vector art a trendy art?'. People behind the limonade website introduce their vision about the "vector art" and draw up a large portrait of the vector scene and its players... for the love of the vector stuff.

Designing Atmospheric Websites
In this issue, Ingo J. Ramin (247 MediaStudios) describes what it needs to make websites, which leave real impact.

Usability: Does anyone really care?
This issue, written by Kevin Airgid, attracts attention to the topic of usability of flash sites and names useful resources.

Flash Transitions
GIF animations and image rollovers used to be cutting edge. That was a long time ago. Maurice Wright, the mind behind the Moluv.com design portal shares his perspective on one of the most important steps in current web development.

Shades of green – a great difference
Green color is one of the most controverse - slight tone changes lead to complete interpretation change: from peaceful to military, from healthy to poisonous, and from natural to artificial...
Web Design Pearls Award CALL FOR ENTRIES
Sven - 02.October 2012
Submit your best and unique web design creations for a chance to win the new web design prize on www.designpearls.net!...
Beautify & share images smartly!
ANDRE - 11.September 2012
Polarfox lets you beautify, save and multi post images to social networks, blogs and clouds. Download now for free: — http://...
Ecommerce Web Design: Six Hot Trends
Merideth - 30.March 2012
With the development of advanced web tools, new ecommerce web design trends appear every year. When designing a website you can ta...
Web Design London
Mark - 09.February 2012
Web Design London http://www.dotagency.co.uk/contact-us/ Welcome!...
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visit Kenda Perez official site zoom screenshot
Hot chick, cool 3d transitions
Kenda Perez official site

visit The BIOM Project by ecco zoom screenshot
BIOM shoe project by ecco. Designed by sinnerschrader.
The BIOM Project by ecco

visit Champagne Valentine zoom screenshot
Original design and presentation from the Netherlands. Visually inspiring!
Champagne Valentine

visit It's a good day zoom screenshot
Motion design from France
It's a good day

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Design is Kinky
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02.October 2002 
This guy is presenting himself with a daily picture since 1 year???
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05.September 2002 
Pong: very funny flash animation http://www.novagate.net/~...
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